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When we finish your design(s), we shall ensure we get you a clear preview of your design(s) to review, which requires you to annotate the artwork(s) for adjustment purpose.
If we receive no feedback on the job sent to you for review after 30 days, we shall remove the job link, you shall e-mail us to send such job links again.
We shall send you the source file of your approved design(s) after you had approved it, thereafter, we shall remove the link(s) after 5 days.

Though, we try our best to make it error free, it is your responsibility to go through the texts thoroughly. We shall bear no responsibility for any errors on the job(s) you printed after you have reviewed and approved.

We will be providing you services which requires you to subscribe to different packages, daily and monthly respectively.

Monthly plans

When you subscribed to any of the monthly packages, we expect you to utilise it to the fullest. We do not give a refund for days you do not use (send brief) or extend your subscription days in lieu .

We give refund on physical goods where goods was not as expected or received damaged, in such cases, you’ll need to contact us immediately.

We do not give a refund on subscriptions as there is no way to take back the service offered you.


Discounts has been included to the monthly packages for your bulk work. When your chosen package is not renewed after validity period, we shall charge per project for the subsequent jobs at our normal price which are not discounted. To keep your discount, You have to keep your subscription active.

We bill you based on the package you subscribed for, therefore, you have all rite and control to subscribe for any package of your choice each time.
We offer different types of payment methods, which allows you to either pay online, make direct bank deposit or transfer.

when you don’t do online payment 

If we do not received your payment after an hour of placing order for any of the monthly services, we shall consider such order cancelled and the project briefs as a pay per project service and not monthly subscription. However, if there are any kinds of delay you’re experiencing for not meeting up within an hour, please e-mail us.

We presume that you’re matured enough to use this site and you understood how to use this site.
We may decide to discontinue part of the services or add new to the number of services at any time.
Unforeseen natural disaster may cause discontinuation of part, all of the services or the site and we cannot be held responsible for such occurrence, using this site is totally to your discretion and should therefore accept the risk.
If you do not agree with the term of this site, please do not use. We reserve the right to visit this terms again and review its content without your approval or notification we encourage you to visit it once in a month.